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๐ŸŒŸ The 7 C's of Team Performance!๐ŸŒŸ

Team Performance - Harry Bruintjes

Exciting insights from an inspiring management meeting with the leading seating experts of the CoverWorks Group, where I had the honor of participating as an Advisory Board member.

We had the privilege of learning from Roy Heiner, the technical director of the victorious ABN AMRO Bank N.V.ย teams in the The Ocean Race. Roy, with his Team Heiner, presented the "7 C's of Team Performance," which are grounded in the team's remarkable achievements during this grueling global sailing race. These 7 principles are pivotal for driving team success:

1. Common Goal & Strategy: Aligning on a shared vision and strategic direction. Clear for all?

2. Commitment: Demonstrating dedication and accountability. All in?

3. Complementary Tasks & Roles: Leveraging each member's strengths for collective success. Clear roles and tasks?

4. Clear Communication: Ensuring transparency and mutual understanding.

5. Constructive Conflict: Embracing diverse perspectives to foster innovation.

6. Cohesion: Building a strong, united team spirit.

7. Credible Coaching: Providing guidance and mentorship for continuous growth.

The discussions were not only enriching but also a testament to the power of teamwork and strategic alignment. Kudos to the CoverWorks, Perfect Fit Seating & Upholsteries, Bolster Softgoods, Kinetic Balance, Chair Riding Apparel & Adaptive Clothing and Kinetic Balance, Positioning Productsย management teams for embracing these principles and striving for excellence. Together, we are charting a course for outstanding achievements! Thank you for the invitation Jeroen van Leeuwenย and Gerhard van Geest.



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