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About clarity coaching and reality reclamation 

Reality reclamation essentially refers to the process of recognizing, confronting, and reclaiming one's own perception of reality from the distortions caused by personal biases, societal influences, self-deception, or emotional barriers. It is an active, intentional journey towards understanding and embracing the truth of your life circumstances, personal identity, and the external world without the filters of denial, avoidance, or illusion.


In the context of clarity coaching, reality reclamation involves four distinct phases:


Becoming aware of the ways in which your perception of reality has been skewed or obscured by internal or external factors. This could involve recognizing self-limiting beliefs, cognitive distortions, or the impact of cultural and societal narratives on your worldview.



Facing the truths about yourself and your life that have been ignored, denied, or distorted. This step requires courage and vulnerability, as it involves confronting potentially uncomfortable or painful realities.



Actively choosing to reclaim your sense of reality by integrating these truths into your self-concept and worldview. It involves making conscious choices based on a more accurate and holistic understanding of self and one’s circumstances.



Implementing changes in your thoughts, behaviors, and actions that reflect this reclaimed reality. This might include setting new goals, changing patterns of behavior, or making lifestyle changes that align with one’s authentic self and desires.


Clarity coaching, and with it reality reclamation, is a dynamic and ongoing process that can lead to profound personal growth, increased self-awareness, and a deeper sense of authenticity and purpose. It is particularly appealing in a context where you are seeking to overcome obstacles, make meaningful changes, and live a more fulfilling life.

To best serve you, I offer clarity coaching in four formats available for online ordering and potentially to be followed online:

Clarity on Demand; a half-hour session whenever you need it

Clarity Coaching; a one-hour session where we can explore and clarify a specific theme
Reclaim Reality; five sessions that cover the four stages of reality reclamation—awareness, confrontation, reclamation, and transformation—including one additional session for follow-up, evaluation, and integration

Mentorship; a supportive relationship to guides you through personal or professional development, focusing on gaining clarity in various aspects of life or . 

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