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Harry Bruintjes


+31 (0) 85 0685586 



Zuid Hollandlaan 7

2596 AL  The Hague

The Netherlands

A bit About Me

Hi! I am clarity coach, a strategist, a speaker, an entrepreneur, a mentor, and an advisor based in The Hague, Netherlands. With a compelling approach to personal and professional development, I specialize in "reality reclamation," a process that challenges individuals to recognize and confront the distortions in their perception of reality. This approach is grounded in awareness, confrontation, reclamation, and transformation, which I  integrate into my coaching to help clients achieve clarity and authenticity in their personal and professional lives.


My method involves a dynamic interaction of spirituality, psychology, behavioral science, management, and strategic planning. My background allows me to offer tailored coaching and mentoring experiences that respect individual uniqueness while challenging clients to grow beyond their perceived limits. Often my role is described as an "ally and mirror", reflecting back not only what clients present but also what lies beneath the surface, encouraging raw honesty and courageous vulnerability.


My professional experience spans a broad spectrum, from working with large corporations to labor unions to advising startups, scale ups and established businesses. Often being instrumental in guiding high-achieving individuals, teams, and organisations across various environments to navigate complex challenges and harness their potential for significant growth.


My philosophy emphasizes that every individual has the capacity for remarkable change. By embracing complexity, confronting uncomfortable truths, and cultivating adaptability, I believe profound transformations can be achieved. My coaching formats range from immediate, demand-based sessions to comprehensive mentorship programs, each designed to facilitate deep, meaningful changes and enhance one's ability to live a fulfilling life.


Due to my work, I am often perceived as a visionary in the field, dedicated to helping others reclaim their reality and craft the life and business they desire.

Specific credentials, education, licenses and certifications:

  • Advisory Board Positions at a number of companies in different industries

  • Business Economics, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

  • Leadership and Organisation, Royal Dutch Military Academy, The Netherlands

  • Business Succession in Family Business, Certified Advisor

  • Digital Transformation of Businesses, Haas School of Business, Berkeley, University of California, United States of America

  • Mergers and Acquisitions Law, Grotius Academie, The Netherlands

  • Corporate Restructuring and Recovery, Leiden University, The Netherlands

  • Business Valuation, Rotterdam School of Management, The Netherlands

  • Registered Valuator (RV), member of good standing of the Dutch Institute for Registered Valuators (NIRV) and European Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (EACVA)

  • Mentorship and Mediumship, Colin Bates, Tutor at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, United Kingdom, 

  • The Power of the Oracle, Colin Bates, Tutor at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, United Kingdom

  • Mediumship and Spiritual Development, Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, United Kingdom

  • Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Designs, Strategyzer, Alex Osterwalder, Masterclass

  • World Summit(s) Artificial Intelligence, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 

  • Long Distance Walking: Camino de Santiago (825km), Camino di Francisco (500km), Sultanstrail (500km), a.o.

  • Traveller to over a hundred countries and fan explorer of history and cultures

  • Entrepreneurship and Consciousness, Awake Origins, Circles

  • Speaker on: Critical Thinking, Consciousness, Business Transformation, Business Model Generation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Development, Long Distance Walking

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