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Leadership in times of war; how far does your sense of responsibility extend?

Last Saturday I was invited by my good friend and executive coach Asha Kalijan, for a presentation of the documentary/movie of David van Tijn: 'United We Stand, Musicians in times of War' at Cinecenter in Amsterdam where many musicians were present that actually played a role in the documentary.

The documentary is a portrait of musicians that take a stand agains Putin's war of destruction, and especially of Russian cellist Maya Fridman who has been dedicating herself to Ukraine almost non-stop since the invasion of Russian troops. Maya has already raised hundreds of thousands of Euro's with her benefit concerts.

Being a Russian citizen, Maya took responsibility and showed strong leadership in bringing together many musicians from Ukraine and Russia. Playing Ukrainian music and other beautiful pieces, pieces often not allowed to be played in Russia at the moment, is showing a strong bond between musicians and people in general. I can only imagine what the healing effect of Maya's and the other musicians must be for Ukrainians, Russian and other people in times of War.

Leadership in times of War: where do you feel responsible for? How far does your feeling for responsibility reach? What are you going to do about it?

Maya took a stand and used music and her connections to other musicians as an instrument for transformation and for healing. For herself and for so many others. Thank you Maya.

In case you want to see the documentary, follow the link:



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