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Entrepreneurship is adventure! A couple's toy travels the world

Imagine an amazing couple in Amsterdam develops a toy and it the number of little users explodes in the first year. In the second year it is already sold in many stores all over the world.

This is what happened to Basile and Heike, introducing Timio, the award-winning interactive educational audio player for children of age 2 to 6. Expanding the global distribution channel will be their next adventure. How cool is that?

Happy to be involved in their growth path(s) as a member of the TIMIO advisory board, together with my board colleague Touker Suleyman. Proud of this amazing new reality that has been created from scratch by Heike and Basile. I am sure Timio will deliver many more adventures.

PS: The picture was taken in Switzerland, where they were happy to see TIMIO in a toy store.



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