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Business Transformation and Personal Growth

Born in a rural village in 1967 in the North of the Netherlands as an explorer, a builder, a detective and an optimist with a true passion for transformation and growth, and how to accelerate it. By own experience, I found out that every transformation, whether of your business or in your personal life, is a potential spiritual path to personal growth. 


My career started with an education at the Royal Dutch Military Academy (Business Administration) and a study at the State University of Groningen (Business Economics). Later on followed by an Executive Programme at the Haas School of Business in Berkely (Digital Transformation) and a number of post academic educations, like Business Valuation at the Rotterdam School of Management (Certified Valuation Analyst/RV), M&A law at the Grotius Academy and Corporate Restructuring at the University of Leiden. I am also a certified advisor for succession in family businesses and a member in good standing at the Dutch Institute for Certified Valuators ( and the European Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (

Being selected for DSM’s management development program right after my study, gave me the opportunity to contribute to restructuring programs and the sale of business units. Typically in operational positions, I defined and implemented growth strategies, oftentimes followed by a sale, an acquisition or a merger. In various international commercial roles, I set up business units for global businesses. Over the years, I have filled pretty much every functional role that the international business community has to offer. Grateful I am for all the opportunities I found on my path and the lessons I was able to learn, in small and medium sized enterprises as well as in corporate life. As an entrepreneur I set up Crossings Advisory, Crossings People and Crossings Capital, three companies that enable transformation and growth and support 'crossings' for leaders, entrepreneurs and (family-) businesses.

All true change starts with imagination. I like to create visions of the future with you and make them come true.

In gaining knowledge and experience, making me the rare commodity who I am now, I developed a combination of life experience, sensitivity, commercial sense, financial expertise and knowledge of legal aspects running businesses. It was a lot of studying, changes in work context and lots of hard work, now enabling me to quickly understand your context and challenges.

As a coach, the essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify the core challenges and setbacks in your life or in your business, so you can overcome them with confidence, by making you walk your path and by creating the life you want, designed (only) by you. I specialise, for leaders, entrepreneurs and family businesses, in imagining new realities and creating new visions, defining and fulfilling missions, so strengthening your power to create and enhancing success. My motto is; “Consciousness brings the Wisdom to Transform”. Based on connection and trust, we can work together to realize the intended changes and developments. Creating new realities and actually realising transformation is the core of my service, it is the core of me. You can read my personal mission statement here.

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