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Hi I'm Harry...

Your guide and mirror on this journey of self-discovery and reality reclamation

Based in the Netherlands, The Hague, I am a clarity coach, a strategist, a thinktank, and speaker dedicated to a singular mission: piercing the veil of self-deception and illuminating the path to authentic self-expression and empowerment.


Self-deception acts as a fog, clouding our judgment, leading us to underestimate our potential, and often resulting in missed opportunities and unfulfilled dreams. It manifests in various forms - from denying our true desires and capabilities to rationalizing our fears and limitations. This internal barrier is the root of many personal and professional challenges, including inertia, procrastination, and the inability to actualize one's aspirations.


If you're an innovator, creative, leader, or any individual feeling trapped by the illusions of your own making, you've arrived at the right place for breakthrough and growth.


My approach is rooted in the art and science of reality-based coaching. I specialize in deploying dynamic, evidence-backed strategies to dismantle illusions, confront the truth of your current situation, and empower you to construct a more fulfilling and authentic life. Through our partnership, we will engage in a transformative process to uncover your genuine self, align your actions with your core values, and unleash your untapped potential.


Consider me your ally and mirror, a clarity coach, reflecting back not only what you present but also what lies beneath the surface. With a rich background in spirituality, psychology, behavioral science, management, strategic planning and transformation of business and people, I integrate diverse methodologies to tailor a coaching experience that respects your uniqueness while challenging you to grow beyond your perceived limits.


This journey is about raw honesty and courageous vulnerability. My commitment to you is a relationship grounded in integrity, empathy, and mutual respect. We will navigate your inner landscape together, fostering a safe space for exploration, insight, and action.


Professional Background

I bring a wealth of experience as an advisor, a coach, an entrepreneur, a strategic interventionist, and organizational behavior expert. My credentials are complemented by years of practical experience in coaching high-achieving individuals, teams, and organizations across the globe. From labor unions to Princeton University startups, to established business, to corporations and family business, my expertise spans a broad spectrum of environments and challenges.


My philosophy centers on the belief that every individual has the capacity for remarkable change and growth. By embracing complexity, confronting uncomfortable truths, and cultivating adaptability, we can transform our lives in ways we never imagined.


Your journey towards reclaiming your reality begins here. Let's embark on this transformative voyage together, shedding the layers of self-deception and stepping into a future where you are the architect of your own destiny.

Zuid Hollandlaan 7

The Hague, 2596 AL

The Netherlands

+31 (0)85 0685586

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